S1 EP1 – How Has COVID Impacted Our Industry

 S1 EP2 – The MARKET IS CRAZY! In order to WIN, Prepare Yourself before BUYING in today’s Market.

S1 EP3 – Condo/Townhouse vs Single Family Home

S1 EP4 – Determining Prices

S1 EP5 – Finding A Lender

S1 EP6 – How to Get Ahead in Today’s Market

S1 EP7 – CONTINGENCIES. What Are They? How Does it Work?

S1 EP8 – LA Real Estate Prices

S1 EP9 – Buying a Home in Your 20’s

S1 EP10 – Preparing to Sell Your Home

S1 EP11 – Determining Prices

S1 EP12 – Fixer Upper or Move In Ready?

S1 EP13 – Kevin Asks What’s it Like to Be An Agent

S2 EP1 – Super High Appreciation = Market Crash?

S2 EP2 – Buy Now? Is the Hype Real?

S2 EP3 – FORECLOSURE, Is it a deal?

S2 EP4 – MOVING IN? What do you look for?

S2 EP5 – What to look for when choosing an AGENT?

S2 EP6 – What is a FHA Loan?

S2 EP7 – Types of Lenders

S2 EP8 – Will The Market Crash?

S2 EP9 – Thoughts on For Sale By Owner

S2 EP10 – A Real Estate Journey “Kevin’s Journey”

S2 EP11 – “Expired Listings” Did you have a home that didn’t sell?

S2 EP12 – What if you don’t like your agent?

S2 EP13 – Have Websites & Trends Affected Agents?

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